A Genius Idea for RVA

Have you ever tried to plan a fun date night, but have no idea where to go?

Or a girls night out but not sure what would be fun with your group of girls?

Or even worse – you’re sitting there on Monday morning looking through Instagram and see all of these fun, RVA events in your feed thinking, “I would have gone to that had I known it was happening in RVA!”

That’s where OccasionGenius comes in. Nate Marcus, OccasionGenius founder, was an iron chef team building instructor at a local cooking school, and he heard again and again from corporate team organizers that they needed a great resource that offered better ideas for their next event.

So that’s just what he created! A website with hundreds of resources for events and venues.

And even better, Nate is excited to partner with local small businesses that might otherwise be overlooked…and RVA Living is all about supporting local businesses!

Whether you’re searching for ideas for date nights, kid’s parties, event space, team building, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, cake decorating classes, beer tasting, holiday events, or something in-between, you’ll find it on OccasionGenius. You can search by price, zip code and more.

Another great feature is the ‘Group Decision-making’ tool that makes it possible to get group decisions made quicker and easier! And your group can be a group of “one” up to a group of hundreds depending on what you need.

This is NOT just another ‘deals website’ – it’s about what’s happening locally in RVA and supports local businesses.

“What I’ve loved from my job is getting to discover the things that didn’t exist in Richmond a year ago and getting to be the first to try them out.”

When Nate’s not working, he spends a lot of time on the pipeline in Shockoe Slip overlooking the river and loves Union Market in Church Hill.

 “I spend a ton of time on the pipeline in Shockoe overlooking the river – it’s my go-to spot.”

OccasionGenius provides a free email that informs people about all of the events in RVA, based on each person’s individual profile preferences. These preferences can be changed at any time and you can always unsubscribe (but you’re not going to want to do that!).

Nate is sure you’ll love OccasionGenius.  Why? As he puts it, “We’re hoping to be part of Richmond’s story, and hopefully grow to a point where we can put Richmond on the map for successful startups.”

To sign up to receive your FREE email and stay in the know in RVA, visit the website to sign up and check out the genius!

Disclaimer: RVA Living has partnered with OccasionGenius as they kick-off their new venture, however, this is not a sponsored post.

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