A Goochland Getaway

Welcome to this beautiful Richmond home in Randolph Square, one of my favorite neighborhoods.

A few weeks go, on an unseasonably warm day, I had the opportunity to visit Denise and Patrick, the lucky homeowners. This gorgeous remodel is a nice balance of her casual, laid-back vibe and his traditional and formal style. When I asked Denise what her goal was in the remodel, she says “I never wanted a room where people didn’t feel like they could put their feet up with a glass of wine. Although don’t tell my kids that!”

The living spaces are clean, cozy and comfortable. They look fabulous and feel put together, all the while comfortable enough to kick back and put your feet up after a busy day. Denise has worked with several different Richmond designers and all of them have been a fabulous collaboration. “We have been really lucky to work with some amazing designers who really get us.”

The neutrals throughout the space are nice and soothing and the pops of red add depth and interest. The beautiful artwork by Erika Vaden pulls it all together.

This is one of my favorite little nooks in the house. It’s a small inset with this beautiful chandelier and cozy chair nestled between the kitchen and the family room. What a fun, and pretty, work space for Mom!

The kitchen is one of Denise’s favorite places to let her creativity shine. Though she claims she’s not very creative, I have to kindly disagree.

Not only did she have a great vision for her home remodel, but she loves to cook. And bake! I walked away from our visit with some of the most amazing chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had! I would have taken a picture but my family devoured them before I could get one!A g

Denise started baking as a young girl with her mom and about 8 years ago, started taking classes at Sur la Table. She also took classes at the University of Richmond and finally, spent a week baking at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, CA.

“The baking boot camp was intense and my Chef that week was the former pastry Chef from the French Laundry in Yountville.  What an amazing experience… best vacation of my life.”

I personally love the basement. What a fun place for kids to hang out! How lucky are these boys with hanging chairs, a huge comfy sectional for lounging with movies and sports and space to play games. I especially love the family map highlighting all of their family travels around the world. What fun and special memories!


The outside space is a family favorite. I mean what’s not to love about this beautiful backyard?! A pool with comfortable lounge seating (and an amazing pool house), a fun seating area to watch sports and a beautiful stone fireplace and at the end of the sidewalk. Denise loves the cozy and comfortable stone fire pit, inspired by her family’s hunting camp in West Virginia.

“Walking down the sidewalk to the enormous stone firepit and seeing the deer, fox, ground hogs, blue herons, turtles and slithery creatures has been really cool for us and the boys.  It’s really peaceful in the morning to sit down there and listen to music and work on my laptop.”

I mean, how could you not love this backyard?!

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