A Blooming Business

Carrie Walters is Paper Rose. You may have seen her beautiful flowers at the Brunch Market this past spring, or in various places around RVA. Her flowers are truly amazing.

I loved getting to know the creative artist behind these beautiful works of art. What started out as a hobby has become so popular, fans are asking for more. And Carrie is giving them more than they ever imagined possible.

And what’s not to love about beautiful roses that last for years?

To balance out the stress of managing her own design studio and step away from the computer – as she worked hard developing brands for her clients – she started a new hobby. Making paper flowers.

“I enjoy the challenge of creating each part of the flower from paper.”

For several years, she was gifting friends and family with her beautiful handmade blooms. After numerous requests from others who wanted to buy her arrangements, she turned her hobby into a business.

Carrie is a self-described chronic entrepreneur.

So as a supplement to her branding business Carrie Ink, and the other products she designs at Blunt Objects, Paper Rose Co. was born.

And it’s definitely been a learning curve. “Mother’s Day was crazy.” She was inundated with orders for her beautiful arrangements. Carrie was shipping these out non-stop leading up to Mother’s Day.

Carrie has always looked to flowers for inspiration. It’s not unusual for her to grab a few bouquets at Trader Joe’s, bring them home and try to recreate them. One of her favorites lately has been the carnation. “I have a beautiful bunch on my desk in different shades of mauve and purple.”

A great deal of thought and care goes into each petal for each and every flower. She uses the highest quality Italian and German crepe paper to create that perfect look.

These make such fun and unique gifts – Mother’ Day, birthdays and teacher gifts, just to name a few. And what a fun gift for a wedding – to recreate the bridal bouquet into a beautiful keepsake!

Her flowers are truly amazing. They’re bright and beautiful, carefully hand-crafted and are almost impossible to tell they’re made of paper.

I had to ask Carrie – What’s your favorite flower?

“If I had to pick one, I’d say the rose. There are so many different varieties with so many intricate details.”

Looks like her middle name – Rose – is being put to good use for yet another successful business!

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