Before & After

I love freshening up a space and when my client Cindy asked to “brighten things up” in her beautiful, traditional home, I was thrilled.  She wanted to focus primarily on the kitchen, sunroom, family room and foyer.  Working together, we found some fresh paint colors to really open up the rooms and some new furniture with clean, simple lines. 

I don’t know about you, but I love a good before and after.  I love to see where a space started, and with a few (sometimes very minor) changes, the finished product. Small changes oftentimes have a BIG impact. My client Cindy’s house was no exception. 


Her kitchen felt lighter and brighter…and HUGE once we finished!  What a fresh update within a reasonable budget.  A great way to add life to dated kitchen cabinets is with a fresh coat of paint and some new, inexpensive hardware.  And lighting is key.  If you want to really brighten it up, add lighting in layers.  Recessed lighting in the ceiling (always on a dimmer), a great pendant or chandelier and some under cabinet lighting to add reflection from the backsplash and the granite countertops make a huge difference.

As with a lot of traditional kitchens, you’ll find a piece of molding connecting the cabinetry over the window.  We opted to remove her light on the wall, remove the molding piece and add a simple lantern to add interest and reflect light.

This updated space feels fresher, lighter and brighter!

If you have a space you’d like to freshen email, let us know!

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