Family Fun at Family Camp

One of our favorite traditions is family camp. Family camp is just like summer camp, but for the whole family. It’s a time to get away to the beautiful Eastern Shore, relax, and have fun with family and friends.

And best of all? UNPLUG!

If you haven’t been to Camp Silver Beach yet, you’re missing out on something big!

Camp Silver Beach is a YMCA camp located on the Chesapeake Bay on the Eastern Shore. Adults and kids of all ages enjoy a variety of water and land activities, sports and arts & crafts. Evening programs include games, skits, an ice cream dance party, and a bonfire with s’mores.

And how could you not love these great little individual family cabins all decked out for Memorial Day? Not to mention the air conditioning and private bathrooms (a personal favorite).

We’ve enjoyed family camp on Memorial Day weekend dating all the way back to 2000 before we even had our own family. It’s one our family’s favorite weekends of the year. There are so many fun land activities available from zip lining and rock climbing, to skateboarding and archery.

And tons of water activities to choose from…the famous “wet willy” waterslide at the pool and activities in the bay like kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, sailing and our family’s favorite, banana boating.

There’s so much freedom. Days are simple. Our kids ride their bikes around with siblings and friends, hopping from one activity to another. They lie in hammocks and read books. They laugh. They relax. They’re unplugged.

And then they meet us in the dining hall for meals (which are cooked for us by the way…no cooking, no cleaning)!

The kids want a drink, they run to the dining hall. They want a snow cone, they run to the pool. I’m off duty for a few days…and it’s great!

The best part is that everyone can do whatever they want. You can be active. You can be lazy. You can get wet. You can stay dry. You can read. You can play. You do you.

There’s no driving, no carpooling kids, no cooking (no grocery shopping – double bonus), no cleaning, no coordinating. No internet, no email, no phones…no distractions.

As soon as we arrive, everyone feels lighter and happier.

It’s such a great time to get away, enjoy the outdoors with a mix of fun activities for all ages and kick off summer.

S’mores, sailing, sunsets and lots of smiles. We’re looking forward to continuing our tradition at family camp in May.

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  • What a great post about our “happy place”! We love going to CSB with our family and the grands go every summer. Love it!!

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