Celebrating MOM!


Today’s Friday Favorites are all about MOM! I know it sounds so cliché and every mom says it, but honestly we mean it when we say our favorite gifts are the ones our kids make…and time…time is such a great gift.

Ok…so maybe a little jewelry or a day at the spa wouldn’t be so bad either.

When I think back to past Mother’s Day holidays, my favorites are always the simple celebrations. Breakfast in bed, a stroll around Maymont, a picnic in our backyard. Life always seems crazy and chaotic so a day that’s slow and simple sounds perfect to me.

There are so many amazing places to enjoy in Richmond – Pony Pasture (really, anywhere on the river), the Pedestrian Bridge and Belle Isle, Lewis Ginter, Maymont, Byrd Park and so many other parks and trails throughout the city. Enjoying brunch or a picnic lunch and taking a walk down Monument Avenue is enough for me!

And if all three kids get along, it’s that much sweeter.

We love the Italian Gardens at Maymont!

Butterflies Live at Lewis Ginter is a wonderful time!

Another one of my favorite activities is the annual Race for the Cure on Brown’s Island. The race was started in 1998 by Jennifer Norvell Saunders, in memory of her mother, Joanne. Joanne lost her courageous battle with breast cancer after a second recurrence of the disease. To honor her mother’s life, Jennifer and her family and friends planned the first annual Race for the Cure for Mother’s Day weekend, here in Richmond hoping that 50 people would join them. To their surprise, over 1200 gathered at the starting line. I met Jennifer years ago and had the pleasure of volunteering on the race committee for those first few years. It’s such a fun event for such a great cause and attendance grows every year.

Photo Source: Komen Race for the Cure

Delicious Treat

One of my most memorable Mother’s Day celebrations started with a treat that has become a tradition. A few years ago, my husband and kids prepared a delicious Mother’s Day brunch at home. Little did I know the sweet treat they surprised me with would become one of my all-time favorite desserts. The radio bar from Westhampton Pastry Shop.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

It’s kind of like the gourmet version of a ho-ho…which is funny because I’ve never really liked ho-hos. But this…oh this, is far superior. The rich chocolate on the outside is amazing. The cake and white cream filling inside is oh-so-sweet and oh-so-good.

Together, it’s perfection. (Of course, just about any sweet treat from Westhamptom Pastry Shop works!)

Favorite Gifts

Handmade gifts are the best! I love seeing my kids’ creative minds at work and now that they’re older, handwritten cards are a treasured gift.

But I do love fun, unique gifts. One of my favorite gifts are these hand stamped spoons from Milk & Honey Luxuries. I love that my girls chose these and I’ll treasure them forever. (I’m hoping to add to my collection so hint hint to my kiddos if you’re reading the blog). These are a perfect for my morning coffee.

And one gift I’d love to receive are these amazing paper flowers by Carrie Walters! I’ve been drooling over them on Instagram and Pictaram, and am amazed that these are paper! A beautiful little bouquet that lasts all year…I mean, how great is that?!

There are always lots of fun finds at The Shops at 5807 in RVA too. Jewelry, accessories, monogrammed gifts, coffee mugs, and so much more.

Of course, a Richmond print by Evelyn Henson is always a great gift. (Check out this link to enter our contest to win one of these gorgeous prints!).

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! Enjoy your day and know you are loved!

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