Celebrating with an Evelyn Henson Giveaway

“Evelyn Henson is dedicated to creating colorful fine art and gifts that inspire you to lead a brightly decorated life.”

I had the pleasure of chatting with Evelyn and she’s as joyful and colorful as her artwork!

Evelyn graduated from college and wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do next. She loved drawing and painting and was encouraged to open an Etsy shop. She realized fairly quickly that the city illustrations really resonated with people (me included). And basically, the rest is history!

I came across her Richmond print on Pinterest years ago and fell in love.  I also love seeing her Instagram postings. I just loved the whimsical look of so many of my favorite Richmond sites – Lewis Ginter, Maymont and Belle Isle, among others. I love to decorate our home with bright, whimsical artwork and I love RVA so this was just perfect.

“EH began with the mission to create higher quality illustrations for colorful southern homes.”

Evelyn’s art is strongly influenced by her southern roots which I love. Her “map series” has grown exponentially featuring over 100 places (and new ones popping up regularly). What a fun gallery wall to create with your favorite destinations! These also make perfect gifts for those new to the city, or those moving away as a wonderful and colorful memory.

Her “brightly decorated life series” is full of bright flowers, whimsical animals, colorful food and some beautiful nautical prints sure to make any home happy!

We are celebrating our first 1,000 Instagram followers with Evelyn’s whimsical Richmond print. Tell us your favorite spot in RVA by including it in the comments below no later than Monday morning at 9am, and you’ll be entered in a contest to win an Evelyn Henson Richmond print.  A winner will be selected through an online random drawing and notified Monday!

You can find Evelyn’s prints at The Shops at 5807 and Monkees in RVA.

(All photos courtesy of Evelyn Henson – visit her website to see more beautiful prints!)

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39 thoughts on “Celebrating with an Evelyn Henson Giveaway”

  • Carytown..the shops, historic buildings and the ability to go for an outdoor stroll to shop, walk or just dine

  • Our family loves the botanical garden and Maymont, we’re so lucky to have both in Richmond!

  • Favorite places would have to be Monument Avenue in the fall or the Pipeline in the Summer!

  • I have two daughters living in Richmond and I’ve fallen in love with the area, particularly the beautiful and historic Fan District. I’ve never seen a more lovely neighborhood!

  • I love the being in the Nickle Bridge looking at the CSX train bridge. It’s where my husband proposed ❤

  • I love the Richmond print! I also love to take the kids to Maymont Park on a gorgeous day!

  • My favorite spot in RVA has to be Main Street. Not only are the houses gorgeous and street itself a little slice of heaven but it truly reminds me of house awesome this little city is, and how blessed I am to live in it!

  • Besides my own screened porch at home, one of my favorite places in Richmond is the patio at Portico Restaurant–not much better than than sitting on that patio with friends and good food!

  • My favorite spot is the hill looking over the lake at the University of Richmond in the spring!!

  • Tough question! I would have to say the fan, particularly walking along monument ave! So beautiful!

  • I adore Evelyn Henson’s prints! I could make an endless list of Richmond favorites, but if I had to pick one I’d say the fan area and specifically the VMFA. My husband and I have been members for years and have enjoyed countless hours roaming around the museum and outdoor garden area. I look forward to seeing the new Yves Saint Laurent exhibit.
    Also, just this past weekend we wandered next door and checked out the Virginia Historical Society for the first time in years. We thoroughly enjoyed the Toys of the 50s, 60s and 70s exhibit. They play episodes from various television shows from those decades in their theaters too. Fun date for sure!

  • One of my favorite spots is Robious landing park, always fun and beautiful.

  • Love, love, love spending time downtown, especially at Belle Isle and Brown’s Island. The history of the area mixed with the natural elements always intrigues me! Church Hill and The Fan are other favorites.

  • I’m a student at the University of Richmond, so my favorite place is definitely the stunning campus!

  • Definitely the CSX A-Line bridge! from any angle, any time of day , and in any weather. It speaks to my heart.

  • I love that Richmond print! One of my favorite spots is the Near West End. I love running in the neighborhood and seeing all the beautiful homes. Belle Isle, Brown’s Island, and The Diamond are definitely a close second!

  • My favorite place in RVA is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart – I think it’s gorgeous!

  • Not sure I missed the drawing but I love all of Richmond! I live in Williamsburg but I have to say, the charm of Richmond is TRUE! I heart the Fan and the people who live there! 🙂

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