Cool Down with Nightingale Ice Cream

Summers are HOT in RVA! The perfect time to grab a good old-fashioned ice cream sandwich…or maybe a new and improved version.

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If you haven’t tried Nightingale ice cream sandwiches, you are missing out! Last summer, waiting in line at Tom Leonards, we saw a freezer full and decided to try it. The chocolate espresso?! Ah-mazing!

I was excited to chat with Hannah and her husband, Xavier, the brains and bakers behind Nightingale ice cream sandwiches. Hannah has been a chef most of her life. One day in the kitchen, she decided to try a new twist on a childhood classic, the ice cream sandwich. I’m sure you remember them well from the neighborhood ice cream truck. Why not come up with a grown-up version? An ice cream sandwich using local ingredients and creating fun and unique flavors that grown-ups (and kids) will love?!

Hannah and Xavier were surprised at how quickly Nightingale took off. But I have to say, after trying one myself, I’m definitely not surprised.

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They take great pride in their products and take a lot of care in what they do. The primary goal is to make a great product…each one being as good as the one before. There’s something to say for that in today’s mass producing, more-is-better (and oftentimes quantity over quality) world.

Hannah’s personal favorite is the Fat Elvis – peanut butter cookies with banana ice cream dipped in chocolate. That was their very first flavor and that one is here to stay.

Nightingale enjoys collaborating with local RVA businesses on new and exciting flavors. Their most popular spring flavor, Blueberry was a collaboration with another RVA favorite, Sugar Shack.

Hannah and her husband love RVA. One of their favorite spots for brunch is Stella’s and dinner at L’Oppossum is a fun date night.

I’ve heard a rumor they might be working with one of our faves, Ironclad Coffee to bring back the chocolate espresso this summer. I’m on the hunt. If you see one out and about, let us know!




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