Crazy for Stir Crazy

One of my favorite things we’ve been doing as a family, is visiting local coffee shops. I love coffee and my kids love tea and hot chocolate, which we can usually find at these fun, local shops.

One Sunday, we ventured to a whole new section of town for us…Bellevue. I’ve driven through it and have always loved that area of town, but didn’t know much about it and definitely wasn’t aware of a fun place to grab coffee. Until we stumbled upon Stir Crazy Cafe.


It’s such a fun cafe, with outdoor seating and a water bowl outside for our favorite four-legged friends. The place has a laid back vibe and the employees are so much fun.



My kids immediately spotted the bakery case full of all kinds of homemade goodness. My girls opted for the chocolate muffin and the chocolate croissant, with hot chocolate to drink, way too much for that matter!



My husband and my son loved the heartier options on the menu…and it was an extensive menu at that. The bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted bagel hit the spot…for them. I was hoping to get a bite, but that breakfast sandwich was long gone by the time I turned around. The muffin was great and my oldest can vouch for the chocolate croissant (again…was gone before I could steal a bite). She loved the variety of hot tea options and the simple syrup option was a fun touch.


And the Ironclad coffee – freshly brewed in RVA – is delicious!

It’s definitely a fun place to hang out. It was a cold Sunday morning, but with warmer temperatures, would be a great spot to enjoy your coffee or tea outside. It was bustling with people – reading the newspaper, working on laptops and several people just sitting around visiting with friends enjoying the neighborhood.

My kids love that we’re on the hunt for fun coffee shops and have agreed to be my taste testers for anything sweet. So if you’ve got a favorite coffee spot, or a favorite spot to grab a sweet treat, let me know so we can add it to our list. My kids will thank you!


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