Ginger Juice and Acai Bowls? Yes Please!

I’ve heard a lot about Ginger Juice and have been mesmerized by the amazing pictures in my Instagram feed that look like artwork…I just had to give it a try. And what better day than a 70 degree, sunny March day?

After dropping my daughter off at school, I took the long way home and dropped in to check out this local business to see what the buzz is all about.  Little did I know this impromptu visit would brighten an already sunny day. I was welcomed with a smile by Maura (Ginger Juice acai bowl extraordinaire) as soon as I entered the door. With what was surely a puzzled look on my face, I explained it was my first visit and I wasn’t sure what I’d like. She proceeded to set up a table of samplings for me…all kinds of juices from “Giving” (beet, pear, apple, lime and ginger) to Golden (orange, grapefruit, lemon and tumeric).

Who knew juices had human qualities?

I’m going to be honest. The green juices scared me a bit, but Maura knew her stuff. She started me off slowly with Guiltless and Glorious, their popular green juices – and slowly moved me into Giving and Glitzy, their sweeter options (who can resist a sweeter option?). All juices were fresh and fun and surprisingly, I enjoyed them all (even the green!).

I was welcomed by another sunny smile when I met Aurea. She knew her stuff too. She was excited to tell me all about plans for future Ginger Juice stores in RVA. I loved chatting and getting to know her in this cute, quaint little juice bar. Relaxing, invigorating, and delicious all in one stop!


Acai Bowl Extradordinaire

As I was sampling juice and making my selections, little did I know Maura was quietly whipping up some amazing acai bowls…remember when I said “acai bowl extraordinaire?” She came out with two bowls that looked like works of art. Literally.

The new spring bowl is not only beautiful but tastes fabulous. Pitaya is knows as the dragon fruit and is known to increase energy.

Energy?! Well then sign me up!

The base is pityaya, banana, strawberry and coconut milk. The beautiful layers on top are granola, bananas, matcha infused coconut flakes (thankfully not cilantro like I first thought), chia and honey. I was almost scared to dig my spoon in there it looked so pretty, but boy, it tastes as good as it looks.

I was also lucky enough to walk away with their best seller, Gleaming. Filled with all natural fruit, acai and Ginger Juice’s very own house-made almond butter, it does not disappoint. As soon as I had my first taste, I knew why it is their number one selling bowl.

It’s fresh, fun and local and I loved my special time at Ginger Juice! There are all kinds of other food options such as kale chips, trail mix, chia pudding, fresh salads and so much more. It’s located in the Village Shopping Center, down the hallway beside Starbucks. It’s a quaint little place with amazing food and drink options – staffed with fantastic people who are sure to bring a smile to your face.

I’m so glad I decided to pop in there for a quick visit. It was a refreshing change from a mad rush for morning coffee on the run. Maura and Aurea brightened my day and the juice and acai bowls put an extra pep in my step. I’m now hooked – and hope to see you there!

Have you tried Ginger Juice’s delicious acai bowls or tried their juice cleanse? We’re having a hard time deciding on our next bowl…leave us a comment and let us know your favorite bowl.

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