Giveaway: SCOUT Bags, Tweed, & RVA

Today combines three of my favorites – SCOUT bags, Tweed and RVA!

I love SCOUT bags and use them for so many things. They’re my go-to summer bag for the beach and the pool, and my favorite for running around town. Not to mention how much I love the color and the fun patterns for every season.

I’m especially excited that two of my favorites have joined forces – SCOUT and Tweed – to design a bag for the city I love!

Tweed started working with SCOUT designers in January to create a unique bag celebrating everything we love about Richmond. The creative process included a lot of conversations about what we all know and love about RVA – its beauty and its history. Once the landmarks were chosen, SCOUT designers got busy creating a pattern that would work well on different types of SCOUT bags.

Tweed finalized the pattern and is excited to present it in their two best-selling Scout styles – the large package and the pleasure chest. I personally love both of these bags for everyday use. The large package is perfect for running errands or grabbing a few groceries.

Tweed has purchased the design plates so that they can be used on other types of SCOUT bags in the future. “We love the idea of our very own pattern that celebrates RVA and we look forward to bringing it to new SCOUT styles soon,” says Kate Stottlemyer, VP of Operations.

This exclusive RVA pattern is available now and RVA Living is excited to give away one of each bag to two lucky RVA winners! To enter, simply like our Instagram page, rvalivingblog, and leave us a comment here telling us what you’d like to put in your Scout RVA bags or which SCOUT product you’d like to see in the RVA pattern.

Winners will be selected at random Friday, September 15th at 9:00AM so be sure to spread the word and comment below!

Congrats to SCOUT, Tweed and RVA on this fun new venture!






38 thoughts on “Giveaway: SCOUT Bags, Tweed, & RVA”

  • I love this new pattern, well done Tweed! I use my Scout, Bagette, market tote everyday and would love to see the Richmond print on there – it would be my new, go-to errand bag!

  • First off these bags are amazing! I would use them for everything! Groceries, taking stuff to work, shopping, travel! Love them!

  • My favorite part of RVA? How do I pick just one?! We now live in Atlanta and miss RVA so badly…so my favorite parts: our families, Short Pump Mall (especially at Christmas!), Tweed (I bring an extra suitcase when we go home just for what I buy at Tweed!), and Maymont…a park I grew up going to and can’t wait to take my daughter to when we’re home next.

    In my RVA Scout bag I would put: goodies to hang out on the beach with, my daughter’s diaper gear (Scout bags are perfect diaper bags!), or use it as a tote at the farmers market!

  • Would love to use it when I am out and about with the kiddos. A large tote would be fabulous so I don’t have 10 bags with me and become a bag lady 🙂
    Short Pump is my favorite part because I have enjoyed seeing it change from an auto shop with an airplane in the roof and the gas station with a glass Coke bottle machine to a wonderful community filled with lots of local businesses

  • Richnond has so many special treasures how can you really pick one? Maymont holds a special place in my heart along with VCU/VCU Medical Center. But my favorite by far is Libbie&Grove! More specifically, St. Christophers Rd because it’s the house my husband and i bought together when we were first married and where we brought our daughter (now 3 yr old) home before we moved to Nashville 2 years ago. Nashville is great but there’s no place like home! Or Tweed!

  • My favorite use for a scout RVA bag would be to tote stuff for tennis matches.. Haven’t had time to make it to Tweed yet to buy one!

  • I love using my Scout bags in so many different ways from the beach to the grocery store they are so universal! What better excuse to carry wine to a party than with the pleasure chest not to mention I love the RVA pattern! Being new to the area, I love everything that RVA has to offer and would love to represent the city with a cute Scout bag!

  • Maymont has been one of my favorite spots in RVA ever since I was little. The Italian Gardens holds some of my favorite memories and some of my favorite flowers! “Via Florum” is the life motto I have inherited from the Italian Gardens, as it is inscribed on the archway and is the perfect concept for that little piece of paradise. This bag would be perfect for packing a snack to enjoy in Maymont amongst all of the beautiful flowers and scenic views!! 😊🌷🌸💕

    • Hi Kristin! You WON the RVA Scout cooler bag! Email me at dana@rvaliving to redeem your prize! Congrats!

  • Yay for a beautiful patter to celebrate our great city! I would love to use this Scout bag for farmers market purchases and carrying supplies to parent meetings at school!

  • I love Scout bags! We use them for grocery shopping. And I love taking them to work as a nurse! They are so easy to clean. This RVA print is amazing! Richmond is such an awesome place to live!

  • I have wanted this bag! I will use it to carry things in our camper. That way I can show off our great city wherever we go!

  • I love this bag so much! It would be awesome to represent RVA everywhere I go! It would be my go to errand bag or travel with me full of snacks and goodies for weekend trips!

  • I love all the scout bags and there prefect for gifts, carrying groceries, heading to the pool, everything! I love all of Richmond but the fan in spring, church hill in the fall and then maymont during the summer! The cooler has been needed for the river trips!

  • Water bottle, a good book, Girl Scout supplies, work papers, everything a busy mama needs. I love the rva pattern! Great job tweed!

  • I love Tweed and Scout! Both =happinessand good retail therapy! I love the RVA bag and it would be so great to see it in a cooler bag- maybe “the Stiff one” filled with tiny bottles of bubbly, a nice wine, or some yummy local craft beers! If I won this bag I’d have a hard time decided if I should selfishly keep it or use it for a gift bag, cause it is so perfect for a deer RVA friend, relative or maybe to send a friend far away some RVA love. Thinking of a friend who helped me settle into RVA and I’d better buy one for her for sure!

    • I forgot…my favorite part of RVA is the fan and I love how you have monuments on the bag maybe the Jefferson, and places in the Shocko Bottom!

  • I am so in love with this bag! I would definitely use it for library books and the pool. Such an awesome bag for anything!

  • This is so unique!!! I would love to see it on the large package bag, toting around our beautiful town!!! It would look so much cuter than the boring diaper bag I’m carting around now!

  • Love Richmond and Scout! Cannot wait to use my Scout bag to store my favorite cake from Shyndigz- a staple Richmond place in my mind!

  • What COULDN’T you put in it? I’m thinking of training to contort myself so I can be put inside and toted around 😉 But really, let’s see: food, books, all the kid stuff that needs to be lugged from the inside of my house to our van, etc. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. The bag is lovely!

  • How cute would it be to take lunch to work everyday in a Nooner Scout bag in the RVA pattern?😊 Love!❤️

  • This is awesome! I have so many favorite spots in RVA! It’s hard to select just one! 😄 Pony Pasture and Libbie Hill are definitely standouts.
    This print will be perfect on the the Scout Large Package Bag. Thank you for perfecting an awesome product to represent RVA!

  • I love Richmond and I love this Richmond themed Scout bag! One of my favorite spots in Richmond these days is our neighborhood, Bellevue. My husband and I love to eat at the many delicious restaurants, shop the awesome beer selection at Once Upon a Vine, hit up the library and just go for walks!
    If I owned this cute bag, I would bring it along on my walk up to Little House Green Grocery and fill it with their tasty selection of local products.

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