Holiday Home Tour

As soon as I pull up to the Clifton’s West End home, I’m mesmerized by the garland, dripping with colorful, hand-blown ornaments, framing those beautiful double doors.

Amy and Steve Clifton, and their three children, love Christmas decorating and have so many wonderful collections, each one with its own story.

Entering this beautiful home is like entering a Christmas fantasy land. The arched doorways (which were designed with the Christmas collections in mind) are decorated with the most beautiful and colorful hand-blown ornaments and hundreds of twinkling lights. The stair garland and wreaths are designed by Janice Hall Nuckolls of Ta Da! Studio.  Amy and Janice have a great time each year transforming the house.


The house is full of Christmas trees, each with a different theme. The family room tree is considered the adult tree and is filled with amazing ornaments, each one with a story. “Each ornament brings back memories of who gave it to me. They each have special meaning.”

And they do. I loved hearing the stories and seeing the gleam in Amy’s eye as she relived some cherished memories. The bookcases are filled with Dickens’ Villages and figurines, some that were passed down by Steve’s mom.

Each room is dripping with Christmas, bringing back fond childhood memories.

“My sister and I shared a room growing up. Christmas decorating reminds me of playing dollhouses with her.”

Steve’s mom loved decorating for Christmas and collected nativity scenes, Dickens’ Village houses and Byers’ Choice caroler figures for him. Steve and Amy continue to add to the collections each year. Just like the ornaments, each Nutcracker has a story.

The chandelier over the island is the perfect place to display ornaments the Clifton’s have collected since their first years together.

Bryan Andrews, a local artist, creates these unique ceramic miniatures and the Clifton’s have a wonderful collection. Andrews has been handcrafting these original ceramics in RVA for decades. She used to participate in small gift shows around town, but these days you have to be an insider to know when and where she will be selling.

This was my favorite collection in the Clifton’s home. Now I need to get my hands on a little set for myself!

The wall shelf is a precious display of cherished preschool artwork and pictures with Santa through the years.

The Cliftons entertain quite a bit throughout the month of December, hosting neighborhood parties, work functions and ladies’ luncheons.

But Amy insists,  “Even if I had no one in my house except for my family, I’d do it all. I do it for me, for Steve and for our kids.”

Thank you to the Clifton family for letting us take a peek into their Christmas wonderland!


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