Love in Every Nook & Cranny

From the minute I walked into this precious house and met Rachel with a hug, I knew we’d be instant friends. She was a delight and Wally…well, Wally was just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen (other than my own Winston of course).

Rachel Camfield’s Ginter Park home is much like her – warm, comfortable and inviting. All of her furniture and accessories are fun finds from local consignment stores and antique shops. When I walked in, I felt instantly at home.


She loves treasure hunting and buys things that speak to her. I love that she doesn’t overthink it. She doesn’t worry about whether or not it matches the room or will fit into the space. If it speaks to her, she brings it home and makes it work.

And if doesn’t, she sells it or gifts it to friends! I love that each and every piece in her home has a story.

I kicked back in her family room and got to know Rachel and the story behind the story. I loved hearing about how she started her career and of course, loved that she’s a fellow Hokie. And I absolutely loved all of the fun pillows and accessories throughout this eclectic home!

Walking through her house was so much fun. There are so many wonderful little nooks and crannies filled with all kinds of little treasures…little surprises around every corner.

Original painting by Laura Trevey at

“I like to feel inspiration in each little nook.”


Her home office is small and quaint with a beautiful brick wall feature…and just perfect for her.

“I’ve always loved working from home. I love recharging by myself and setting a pace that works for me.”

Clearly her pace is working. She began her career in the wholesale home décor and gift industry and today has a successful career in speaking, writing, blogging and coaching.

And speaking of surprises. Her own wedding was a surprise wedding! How fun is that?! This precious sign, along with The Loo sign in her hallway, are fun keepsakes from that special day.

Rachel loves so much about her Bellevue neighborhood. “It’s a cool mix of people, young and old and is so convenient to everything.” The Little Green Grocery is such a fun place to visit, along with The Mill and Stir Crazy Café.

She loves so many places around RVA including Stella’s, a favorite go-to spot and Café Caturra, a favorite place for meetings.

I loved the precious nooks and crannies throughout her house. And I loved hearing about the nooks and crannies in her business as well.

What I loved most is that Rachel pours her art and her heart into her home, into her business and into the world. She loves giving unique gifts with beautiful wrapping and hand-written cards. This craft station is just perfect for her creative spirit!

I left Rachel’s house feeling happy and inspired and I look forward to getting to know her better. And getting to visit Wally again soon…I mean isn’t he the cutest?! I can’t even!

Does your house inspire you? What are your favorite nooks and crannies around your home? Share with us!

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