Interior Decorating Services

Each design project is unique and no project is too small. We will work together to meet your design goals whether it’s for one room, multiple rooms or your entire home.

Hourly design services are one-on-one, traditional in-person design consultations to discuss your design problem. In the initial consultation, we will work together to identify problems, brainstorm a variety of solutions to fit your design style and work within your budget to meet your specific goals.

Curated shopping lists are provided (no obligation to purchase) for you to shop at your convenience.

Initial In-Home Consultation

Start with a phone conversation to determine design needs

Tour the space and identify design problems

Assist client in determining scope and budget to meet design goals

Give specific ideas and next steps in the design process

Hourly Design

Overall design includes: room style, furniture layout, accessory selection, paint selections and contractor references (based on design project)

Hourly design can also be used to complete a space or rearrange existing pieces for an updated, fresh look.

Contact us for a no cost consultation and quote.

Also, to learn about our Stage to Sell or Stage to Stay services, click here.

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