Pizza is a Superstar in our Family

When I had my first daughter (many, many, MANY years ago), we had some wonderful friends and neighbors supplying us with dinner nearly every night for a few weeks. A friend showed up with a Caesar salad and a take-and-bake pizza from Superstars Pizza.

We’d never had the pizza before, but we thought it was a great idea for a quick and easy dinner at home.

It turned out to be one of favorite (and most memorable) dinners. We loved it. It came out of the oven, hot and fresh, just like it would if we were in the restaurant.

The vegetable toppings were fresh and the crust baked perfectly at home.

In 2014, Superstars underwent a renovation of their seating area. It’s a fun, family-friendly place to eat with subs, pizza and a take-and-bake if you’re grabbing it on the run.


Now that my daughter is much older, she enjoys this pizza as much as we do!

What a great way to provide a quick meal for someone who needs a little help – hot and ready when they need it! Or it’s the perfect way to create a fun date night at home, or just grab a quick meal for a family.


What’s your favorite meal to take to a friend who needs a helping hand? Leave us a comment.

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