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My family is always searching for ways to volunteer for different reasons. First of all, we know it’s the right thing to do. Our older kids also participate in volunteer activities related to school requirements. We’ve tried to show our children the importance of volunteering from a young age.

One of my favorite memories was a lemonade stand we set-up with the kids to raise money for the local children’s hospital. The kids had a blast planning the event, making lemonade, and putting together the lemonade stand (with the help of mom and dad of course!). We were amazed and grateful for the neighbors who stopped by on our street to support the fundraiser  – some paying $20 for a small cup of lemonade! And the kids really enjoyed purchasing items with the money for the children’s hospital.

Our oldest daughter really enjoys volunteering at Full Circle Grief Center where hundreds of local children have been helped through the difficult process of mourning the death of a parent, sibling, or friend. There are so many ways to volunteer at Full Circle and other local organizations. Most times all you have to do is ask how you can help and the doors will be opened.

RVA is well-known for being a supportive community for non-profit organizations and helping those in need. One place we’ve found that provides lots of opportunities for volunteerism is the HandsOn Greater Richmond. From their website they explain, “HandsOn Greater Richmond provides a link for individuals, families, teams, and corporate groups to join together and engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities within the Greater Richmond region. We offer unique, fun, and flexible ways for you to get connected and involved.”

Volunteering not only provides us with a way to help others – but it’s a way to give-back for all we have been given. We never know when we might find ourselves in need of help so why not volunteer when we are able. In the RVA community, we are all family and that means taking care of each other. I’m so glad that our family has experienced the joy of volunteering and we look forward to what’s ahead.

How and where do you or your family volunteer? Let us know of some great local volunteering opportunities to share with our readers by leaving a comment below. Together, we can all make our community stronger!

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