Shagbark Brings Local to Life

With three children and our busy lives, it’s rare my husband and I are able to enjoy a ‘date night’ out for dinner. But when we do, we love to explore some of RVA’s local restaurants. Being on the ‘four diamond list’ and named Taste50 Best in Southern Food made us curious about Shagbark. Our recent visit to this local restaurant did not disappoint!

According to their website, Shagbark is a stage for local farmers, fisherman, and artisans – so that was one more reason to try it. We love all food local!

The name comes from a Shagbark hickory tree that grew along the James River. I just love the Shagbark accents integrated throughout the restaurant design. The decor is unique and so creative – I really like this shagbark wall.

Not only do they have an incredible restaurant for an elegant dining experience, but they also have a beautiful bar lounge and patio. The chandelier was a real eye-catcher and even the flowers on the tables were amazing.

They haven’t missed a thing with their beautiful decor. Even the bathrooms are beautiful and this chandelier is truly unique!

We knew the food would be great since it’s local. But we had no idea how delicious and artful it would be!

The menu offers a huge variety of local selections and of course, some great wines for pairing. They offer Virginia draft beers and cider and some fun seasonal offerings as well.

Richmond food lovers and visitors are in for a real treat at Shagbark.  It’s not too far from Scott’s Addition and the Museum district so it’s easy to make it a great night out on the town. We might just see you there soon!


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