Sweet Treats from C&C’s Cinnamon Rolls

EDITOR’S NOTE: C&C’s is no longer in business making cinnamon rolls. However, we know she’ll go on to do more delicious things in RVA! Stay tuned as we learn more about the new adventures.

I’m not one to usually enter giveaways on social media. I never win. Until I did!

A 12 pack of mini cinnamon rolls (and I just use the word “mini” lightly as the dozen came in a beautifully and perfectly iced 9×13 pan). One bite and my family was hooked.

And I wondered, what’s the story behind these amazing, clearly homemade cinnamon rolls?

Caroline Hutchings, the sweet smile behind C&C’s, comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She’s always loved to bake and has always freely shared her recipes with friends…with the exception of one.

“I’m not sure why, but over the years when people have asked for my cinnamon rolls recipe, I just never shared it.” Caroline admits.

Last April, while working out in her regular barre class, the idea of baking cinnamon rolls as a business was born. She’d bake her famous cinnamon rolls and spread her sweetness throughout RVA. That night, she and her husband created a business plan and C&C’s cinnamon rolls adventure began.

Who is the other “C” in C&C’s?

There are actually several C’s who make up C&C’s. Caroline, the spreader of sweetness herself; her mom Cathy, who gave her the sweet recipe; and her aunt Christine and her grandmother Carol. All are strong, amazing women who have inspired her all of her life.

Caroline’s mission is simple…she wants to spread sweetness. “I like baking, but I love people.”

Staying in her Sweet Spot

Her business is booming and she constantly receives new requests for more cinnamon rolls. Which poses the question. Do you expand, or stay right where you are?

As the first birthday of C&C’s approaches, she’s faced with a choice to keep her business as is, or expand. After a week in Disney, enjoying some bake-free time with her husband and kids, she’s decided to stay right here in her sweet spot and enjoy the ride. “I realized I have my whole life ahead of me. I don’t have to do it all right now.”

Caroline bakes 12-15 dozen each week in her own kitchen and it is certainly a labor of love. It takes approximately 5 hours from start to finish for one dozen of her famous rolls! Her alarm clock goes off at 4:45 AM, 6 days a week, when she is greeted by her sweet husband with a freshly brewed cup of Ironclad coffee (I mean, how sweet is that?!). Most days she’s out of the door by 6am delivering her sweet smile, and a few cinnamon rolls, to local coffee shops.

With so much love in her recipe, you can be certain when you buy one of these amazing cinnamon rolls, your day will be sweeter.

Giving Back Locally

Caroline is passionate about spreading her sweetness throughout RVA, and is also passionate about giving back to the RVA community. Once a month, she partners with Ironclad coffee and donates 100% of her profits to the SPCA and Richmond City Schools (alternating each month). She has raised money for the Massey Cancer Center at the West End Farmers Market and partners with many others in the community to help raise funds.

And she’s even more passionate about her family. “When I’m not baking, my happy place is outside with my family.” You can find Caroline biking with her family on the weekends to breakfast and stopping by a favorite local park to run and play.

What started out as baking for friends and family, has turned into a sweet and successful business. When Caroline has an idea, she hits the ground running. RVA is certainly glad she did.

Find C&C

You can find Caroline at the West End Farmer’s Markets from 8am-noon from May through October, where she loves hearing sweet stories from her customers. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

If you’re on the hunt for one of Caroline’s famous cinnamon rolls, you can stop by The 21Hundred, Irconclad, Stir Crazy or Shield’s Market…just be sure to get there early because they sell out quickly! Check out her website for days and times of availability or to order online. Be sure to tell them you heard about this on RVALiving.com!

I loved talking to someone so passionate about what she does, so passionate about giving back to our community, and even more passionate about her family. I knew from the moment we met, she loved people. Her sweet personality makes her cinnamon rolls that much sweeter.

Visit C&C Cinnamon rolls soon!

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