The Scoop on a Local Favorite

Have you ever wondered about the scoop on Gelati Celesti? I have too so I popped in to talk to the owners!

In 2010, Steve and Kim Rosser purchased Gelati Celesti from the Edmunds family – long time family friends. Gelati was started in 1984 by Peter Edmunds and his father John, as a single store in the Gold’s Gym Plaza. It was modeled after an ice cream shop owned by Peter’s brother in California. Steve and Kim have been married for 33 years and have 2 grown children.

Steve knew the passion and brand awareness was there with Gelati but wanted to expand the business. So, he built a kitchen to produce the Gelati ice cream treats in 2011. The rest is history:

  • 2012 – the new Bon Air location opened and was received beautifully by the community
  • 2013 – they purchased a truck to travel to various locations around RVA
  • 2014 – the Short Pump store opened and was quickly embraced by the community
  • 18 months later – Scott’s addition store opened to rave reviews
  • They also now sell wholesale to 35 restaurants in the Richmond area.

Their ice cream is made in small batches to preserve quality and freshness – and don’t miss the cakes, pies and more. The same careful quality and passion goes into every product they produce.

Experience or Passion?

Steve didn’t have any experience in the ice cream business but was a huge fan and had been eating at Gelati Celesti since it opened. He was good friends with the owner, Peter, and he learned all he could from him before taking over the business. The ice cream maker has been around for 18 years and loves what he does. His passion for the product and a desire to succeed soon led to experience that continues to drive the business today.

They now have 4 ice cream ‘creators’. Each person who creates ice cream for Gelati must be patient, knowledgeable, and possess a sincere willingness to make the product perfectly (to maintain their high quality standards).

Steve’s favorite part of the job is seeing the employees grow and develop while adhering to their simple mission of ‘providing customers with pure joy’. There are only few moments of those in life and Steve and his team like to see joy and smiles when people are in their stores. He’s proud to be part of the Gelati team.

The Scott’s Addition is the largest of all of the stores and is a great space in a great neighborhood in Richmond. There are a lot of opportunities for growth in other parts of Richmond too. Many people are seeking to open a Gelati in the RVA area. But Steve is careful. It’s a slow steady business with the real key being to maintain quality standards and stay true to the company’s mission. So Steve wants to be sure he expands his business in a way that maintains his focus.

Steve also loves supporting local businesses too. His team works with local businesses, including Ukrops Homestyle Foods, to make ice cream with their now famous rainbow cookies.

Favorite Flavors

The top 3 flavors based on customer preference are:

  1. Chocolate decadence (my all time favorite)
  2. Just Ask
  3. Salted caramel

“We make chocolate decadence every day of the week, every week of the year.”

All locations are designed and decorated using reclaimed wood, metal and stone…a genuine reflection of craft and local people and products. You won’t see a lot of plastic in the stores. The owners stay true tos the natural feel in all locations. And don’t miss the interesting surprises in the stores – like dozens of colorful ice cream scoops. Stop and take a look at the decor the next time you visit – all the more reason for another delicious serving of Gelati Celesti!

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite Gelati Celesti flavor.



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