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RVA Living is OBX Living for the next two weeks — and we’re letting you know about some fun finds while we’re here! Today, it’s all about coffee, books, and relaxation!


Duck’s Cottage Coffee & Books opened at the Waterfront Shops in July 2002 in one of the oldest buildings in Duck. You are likely to drive right by and miss this little treasure but slow down and check it out — you’ll be glad you did.

This cute shop is located in the Powder Ridge Gun Club, a hunting cottage built in 1921 by a group of New York investors who came to the area often, taking advantage of the waterfowl hunting.

This wonderful little coffee shop serves coffee brewed with beans they receive weekly from a small artisanal roaster. They’ve got some pretty amazing house drink specialties — the Nutty Duck, the Mucky Duck and my personal favorite – the Swan. They have some amazing baked goods and homemade pastries too!

And the best part is we can ride our bikes!

The book side of the shop is small, but includes a wonderful inventory with bestsellers, non-fiction, cookbooks, children’s and young adult titles, and an eclectic and interesting selection of paperback fiction.

It’s the perfect place to get-away while on vacation…or sneak away when you’re trying to hide from the kids!

Have you been to this fun little coffee shop?! What’s your favorite find in Duck?

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